Born 1995, UK.   J.S.Clayton   / Co-founder JAAM Publishing 

Clayton’s work fosters an interplay of diverse influences within a mixed media and assemblage practice; building enigmatic worlds Inspired by Alejandro Jodorowsky’s re-interpretation of the Marseille Tarot, allegories of quantum mechanics in science fiction novels, and the conceptualisation of the artwork as a container, as outlined in Ursula K. Le Guin's 'Carrier bag theory of fiction'.

synchronicity plays a significant role in both the cause and effect of Clayton’s outputs. Embracing intuition as a guiding force, his research provokes the accumulation of multiple forms, incorporating found materials within his work and drawing from the transformative potential of the chance encounter.
Through physical experimentation, fragments of literature and pop culture imagery form new collisions in a cyclical process of translation and re-analysis. Each artwork crystalises uniquely, intrinsic to the essence of materials (both physical and intellectual) used, and often diverging from initial imaginations in various levels of anti-narrative critique. To quote Philip K. Dick’s famous Metz speech (1977); “in-fact plural realities [do] exist – superimposed onto one another like so many film transparencies”(1)

Clayton describes his work as “a conduit, transcending the boundaries of individual understanding to explore the vast expanse of external information”. Embracing the uncertainties inherent in image making his outputs chase infinite possibilities and invite viewers to critique their own sources of knowledge and truth.

(1) Dick, P.K. (1991) PKDS Newsletter, #27: If You Find This World Bad, You Should See Some of the Others. California: The Philip K. Dick Society

"Works by the artist Jacob Clayton tap into many philosophies and reflections. Material and photographic exploration manifest in pieces that are materially resolved yet propose many questions. With a defining set of symbols and visual language, works may at first exude obscurity, but on closer inspection provide many departures into understanding Clayton’s view on human cultures.

Manifold iterations in physical and printed form bridge analogue photography and mixed-media sculpture practices. Work with the camera derives an exhilaration from viewfinder projections, taking images as taking objects in parallel, developing a collection from which to reduce new work.

Art objects that transform found domestic items and other material through deconstruction and rebuilding, branded with words repurposed, become the subject of documentation, reflecting in his output the cyclical systems and chain reactions that Clayton muses on in life/research.

Claytons Work is a playful transmission of imitations and reductions which explore material and technological potentials, referencing, among other things, sci-fi novels. In a practice dense with such intricate image loopholes, expansive allusions and recurrent entropy, the influence of American folk art might surprise, but underlying Clayton’s practice is a distillation of experience, with a comparably unconstrained approach to making art." - Tom Heatley (2020).

Awards/ Nominations:

MACK First Book Award (shortlisted), 2019

Tom Buckeridge Photography Prize, 2017


2022-2023: MA Fine Art Photography, UAL Camberwell, UK

2014-2017: BA (Hons) Photography, University of Brighton, UK

2013-2014: Art Foundation Diploma, Stroud College of Art, UK


2022 - Late Works: By Ear No.32 /Nov 1st (Resonance extra)

2022 - Summer Songs, Mix for Deepbed Summer /13th -17th July (Deepbed Radio)

2022 - Spring Songs, Mix for Banana Weekend rewind /30th April - 1st May (Deepbed Radio), curated by Dangervitch and Sam Judd

2022 - Adieu La France, bonjour L'Algerie, Mix for Banana Weekend /18th-20th March (Deepbed Radio), curated by Dangervitch and Sam Judd


2023 - A Conspiracy of Objects (297x105cm) 22 page laser printed booklet - [JAAM publishing] (1st Ed 70)

2023 - Substitute electro kilim (297x210cm) 18 page, laser printed booklet - [JAAM publishing] (1st Ed 30)

2023 - Destruction of promise (297x210cm) soft cover sketchbook W/ painted cover (Ed 01)

2022 - Sola Journal / The land from which we come (A5) 84 page soft cover / perfect bound / printed on recycled paper [featured in] (Ed 150)

2022 - Dose Magazine #8 (26x21cm) 96 page soft cover/ perfect bound / printed in Pantone Blue 072 U [Designer & Featured in] (Ed 300)

2021 - Auto-Motive pamphlet (approx 23x15.5cm) 9 page booklet containing type-written poem and 4 archival inkjet prints - [self published] (Ed 01)

2017 - E2-E4 Catalogue (approx 297x210cm) Soft cover/ section bound book containing 36 Images, indexed at rear - [self published] (1st Ed 100)

Press/ collections:, ‘No 8’

The Finnish museum of photography, Impression remains/ Helsinki darkroom festival, January - April 2022

Helsinki Darkroom Festival (Festival website), 2022

AnOther Magazine, Ten Photographers to Have on Your Radar in 2019, May 2019

British Journal of Photography, MACK First Book Award shortlist, February 2019

Josef Chladek, On Photobooks and Books, E2-E4

Self Publish Be Happy, E2-E4

Photo-book caffe library, Paul St, Hackney, E2-E4

Niagara Falls Projects, Brighton, E2-E4

Source online graduate database, E2-E4

Curatorial projects:

2023 - INTERZONE, Peckham Levels (Level 5/6), London (UK)

Selected solo shows:

2023 - For a seccond I felt I knew something, Camberwell college of Arts / C132, London (UK)

2023 - Spider Portfolio, Avalon Cafe, London (UK)

2023 - Spider Portfolio, Serchia Gallery, Bristol (UK), London (UK)

2022 - The machine is the world / Ophelia turns into a camera, Camberwell college of Arts / C131, London (UK)

2017 - E2-E4, Niagara Falls Projects, Brighton (UK)

Selected group shows:

2023 - Flag For Breathing In / Flag For Breathing Out, Three Wheel Drive (3WD) festival, Andover (UK)

2023 - Spectrum (Reflection), Bargehouse Oxo Tower Wharf, London (UK)

2023 - Executive Decisions [Film screening], Format 23, Derby (UK)

2023 - Forces of the small, Filet project space (Hoxton), London (UK)

2023 - Late Works: Preparations, Cafe Oto (Dalston), London (UK)

2022 - Soul Retrieval, Beckenham place park, London (UK)

2022 - Dose / lançamento No 08, (1) Salto Artspace, Lisbon (PT) / (2) Ocio, Porto (PT)

2022 - Dangervitch & Neptune’s Bazaar (Stroud film festival), Stroud Valleys Artspace, Stroud (UK)

2022 - Impression remains / Helsinki Darkroom Festival, The Finnish Museum of Photography, Helsinki (FI)

2021 - Read the room, Serchia Gallery, Bristol (UK)

2021 - Print to print, The printmaking lab, Online gallery / Sri Lanka (LK)

2020 - The Whole Nine Yards (Film screening curated by Harley Kuyck-Cohen), Twitch/ Online

2020 - Uniqlo Tate Lates (Dora Maar), Tate Modern, London (UK)

2019 - MACK First Book Award @ Photo London, Somerset House, London (UK)

2018 - Creative Storm, Brighton Photo Fringe collectives’ hub, Phoenix Brighton (UK)

2017 - University of Brighton Photography Degree Show, 154-155 Edward Street, Brighton (UK)

2016 - Polyphony, Gallery 40, North Laine, Brighton (UK)