Selected works

Updated artist statement

Practical/ Studio and exhibition development (including notes on: Philip K. Dick, Stevie Dix, Joe Tillson, N.H Pritchard, and various American Folk Artists)


Millar, J. (2007) Fischli and Weiss - The Way Things Go. London: Afterall.

INTO U3 / 

Proposal for unit 3 show

Proposal for Research Festival


[Formalising recent work, in collaboration with an invited curator, Including updated artist statement] U3 Show breakdown (For a Second I felt I knew Something) 
U3 Making public journal 

U3 Critical reflection/ extended writing project: Experimenting with expanding the lexicon form as an extension of my studio/assemblage practice. A system of communicating research in a non-linear manner (alphabetical order essentially denying linear narrative through its default/ almost comedic/ bureaucratic nature), mimicking the construction of recent sculptural works as well as publications, through a designed atemporality and its existence as a catalogue of separate entities which can be brought together and taken apart on an ad-hoc basis. This lexicon will be published for the Camberwell College of Arts research festival, Nov 23. A Conspiracy of Objects

[Speaking on my practice, work I want to be making as I transition out of the university setting, and in what ways Peckham/ South London has become important to my practice] Aplication made to South London Gallery graduate residency programe

Curating a group show, methood #1 (a targeted open call) [Making my own opportunities; constructing specific situations that I want my work to be critiqued in, and attracting likeminded artists for colaboration and critical debate]:
‘Interzone’ open-call/ concept sent out for group show @ UAL Peckham Levels exhibition space (Studio 3)

Curating a group show, methood #2 (working with selected artists) [Aiming to make connections with London galleries/ project spaces, (strength in numbers, lifting each other up!) broadening the scope of my professional practice and fulfilling an urge to perform as a catalyst between peers and connected practices through curation projects]:
‘Treasure Hunt’ (aplication made to PLOP curator open call /  Frieze week, 2023)

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